This is an introduction to the computer, your computer. The focus and examples will be based on the Microsoft Windows® operating system. With each topic, I will start with a review of prior material and an overview of the forthcoming lesson. The overview is a description of the subject matter and the goals for the lesson. Then I will talk about some practical aspects. After all, this isn’t a class in theory, but a class in using this tool. If I instructed you on driving an automobile, I would show you how to aim the thing by turning the wheel, how to start and stop by using the pedals. I wouldn’t want to go into the theory of internal combustion engines and hydraulics of braking systems, etc.

Lesson Plan

The first three lessons are pretty general but you should be able to sit down roam around the computer and the internet, without fear or trepidation. You own the computer – it doesn’t own you.
1.The Computer as a Tool
2.Microsoft Windows®, Apple Macintosh and Linux
3.The Internet – the world at your fingertips
The next lessons are on specific topics. These can be presented in any order depending on your interests. The computer is a tool. Make it do what you want.
4.Email and the internet
5.Shopping the internet, ebay, amazon, and security.
6.Applications: Word Processing, Checkbooks, Calendars.
7.Computer Gadgets and Goodies. Printers, camera’s, CD’s and all that.