Web Design for You

You can have your own web site, your interenet presence. Whether you're a small business or a person who just wants to announce yourself on the web. There are many options, Facebook, Yahoo Groups, Blogs and so on. But your website, www.YOURNAME.com, is a calling card. It's your business card online and more. You can tell your clients or customers what you do, where you are, and how to get a hold of you. A website can be an inexpensive way to get yourself out there in cyberland. I can help. Sure, an interactive website like amazon.com can be a massive and expensive endeavor. A non-interactive site, though comes for a reasonable price. How to get there:

1.What do you want to tell the world in words and pictures?
2.A simple site may have one to three pages:
  • presenting your business or product,
  • your contact information and
  • about you the owner.
3.A unique design is tailored to your ideas and tastes.
4.You need a unique web domain name which has to be registered.
5. And  a service to publish it. There are many such services. Fortunately, this can be accomplished through the one agency. Such services run around ten dollars a month and the name registration is an up front fee of ten to twenty dollars.

I can help with each and any of these steps.